Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beast...

So back at the beginning of June I received a mass post from an artist known as Trialsze on Deviantart. He was in the process of putting together an art book of pieces done by multiple artists of his character's from the comic "Outlaw Angel" released through Ape Comics. He was doing this book to help of set the medical bills for his dad, and I thought this was a pretty cool idea. I just got finished with the mural a couple weeks ago (pictures will be up on the final piece as soon as i can get them on the computer, my camera crapped out.) and have been finishing other commissions before i head down to homer, but In my off time i managed to do create a pretty awesome piece if i do say so myself. I character I decided to work with was The Beast* Dun Dun Duuuuuun* haha, anyway, in the story he is the holder of the keys to the gates of hell. I wanted to include more characters and do something big and awesome, but this one character just stood out to me. Im hoping it makes it into the book, because that would be great publicity for me and my work. but if not, i got to create this awesome character.

If you want to check out more of his work and these awesome character's, go to and see what im talking about. enjoy the work!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Granny's Got a Gun!

This is a piece i did the other night, just came up with the idea and thought I'd have a little fun. I was laughing the whole time i was drawing this just because it was so ridiculous, but at the same time it's so awesome, because this is probably what the punisher's grandma would look like. I think im going to leave it as a pencil, that way i have more for my portfolio, but I might try and get it colored. who knows. enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

something new!

so this last week I've been practicing on what are called Artist's Trading Cards(ATC's). They are 2.5 by 3.5 inches and are made of pretty much anything. Watercolor paper, bristol board, illustration board, any drawable material. Anyway, i thought it would be fun to do few images and give them a shot, and so i have here is a collection of the piece i have produced this week. I plan on doing a lot more in the future, and i'll be putting up a full price list for works here in the next week. hope ya'll enjoy and let me know what you think!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dagger Practice

This is just a practice drawing from last night, I was playing with color and wanted to draw a woman. It started off as the Invisible woman but then changed to dagger, haha, I hate it but I love it when something like that happens because sometimes you get a better idea than you had in the first place

micron pen and prismacolor marker

I did a second version as well with the background tweaked in Photoshop, I tried doing something with the color of the energy and the blades around her hand, but im still a rookie in the program, so if anyone knows how to help me, please do, I would greatly appreciate it.

Dagger copyright, Marvel Comics

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Turtle Power!

So i was feeling a bit nostalgic the other night, going through my old movies and comic books, and I kept thinking I wanted to do a quick piece of characters from my childhood. What's better than the ninja turtles? haha hope ya'll like it

9"x12" watercolor paper
pen and ink
tweaked in photoshop

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Project Train Room- Day 8...or 9

So Think Im missing some pictures from a previous day that I had worked, but here is what I did today. I Have just one more day of work and I feel that I'll be done!! but thats not for me to decide, I have to wait till Dave gets back from his job up north to see if he likes it, and if he does, IM DONE!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aint he cute?

So one night last week I was creative mood, but wasn't sure what i wanted to make. I was thinking about all that i could do and just glancing around my cabin when i saw one of my Ghostrider Graphic Novels. Now i'm not the biggest Ghostrider fan in the world, but I do like the story and then it got me thinking. What would it be like if Ghostrider was a kid? just kinda goofin around for a couple hours I drew up and inked the comic you see before you. I plan on going over it with water color here soon but for now here is the almost finished product!

just foolin around..

This is a piece that i was working on for my girlfriend. When i had my show about folktales back in february, I did a piece with the character Molly Pitcher. For those of you who dont know who that is, Molly was a revolutionary war "pitcher maid" where she would carry water out onto the battlefield to the soldiers. During the Battle of Monmouth, her husband was a gunner, working the large cannons at the front of the field. Her husband became wounded, leaving his cannon a man down to fight. Luckily Molly stepped in and helped her fellow patriots and their by became known as "Sergeant Molly."

Anyway, my girlfriend saw the painting i had done and said that it would be awesome to see her as a pin-up. Apparently to her and a great deal of other people who saw this piece said that it was very phallic, but oh well. So after many months of working on other projects and getting commissions done, i finally got around to putting it together. I have both the pencils and the final Inked version, and lemme tell you it was a funny piece to put together.

The title for this wonderful piece as she put it is " Load My Cannon.."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project Train Room- Days 6 and 7

not much to write here on this one either...but I do have pictures!! almost done with the project, so far the guy is pretty happy with the piece, his son and one of his daughters stopped by today and checked it out too and said that they loved it, so i must be doing something right, right? haha, anyway i figure i have another week or so and i'll be done and then i can move on to other projects.

Day 6-

Day 7-

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project- train room days 3, 4, and 5! plus GRADUATION!!

So it has taken me a little longer to get here to post this, it has been a heck of a last few weeks for me. so to start off i have progressed with the mural, where i have pretty much completed to walls and am now working on the concrete wall. Let me tell sucks...the wall takes forever to dry and doesnt want to cooperate with anything but i am making it work. so let me show ya what have been doin with it instead of just talkin about it.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

and then finally last weekend I finally graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting. so if anyone wants a painting or a drawing commission please dont hesitate to contact me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

voodoo puppet

This is just a new piece I did just before the Student Art show. I orginally started off with the arm on the left and thought to leave it at that. but you always know once you start you just wanna keep going, so i did a 2nd arm. The piece didnt look right though so i decided to add the body. Once i added that however i thought it would be awesome to hinge it all together and see how that looked. The judge for the Student Art show liked my piece and thought it would be great idea to hinge it as well. I almost didn't get to put into the show i was out buying the hinges to put on the piece and didnt make it back in time to enter it in the show. But thanks to my friends jess and amanda, they entered it for me and it made it in! so finally its all together and in the show and I almost won the student choice award again this semester but lost to a pretty sweet sculpture so it wasnt a bad loss. The bad part is the piece doesnt have a name, so if anyone has any suggestions im more than happy to hear them out.

Project- Train Room Day 2

So this was actually done on wednesday the 28th, it really sucks not having a computer sometimes just cause i want to keep up to date, but hey what can you do? I started work on the far side where i would have to get up onto the train set itself and start painting, but also so it would look like i had gotten something accomplished. The first area I painted on was sheet rock so it held pretty well, but took a bit of time drying; not as much as the concrete did mind you. it took about 6 hours to complete this section, im not sure if it's done quite yet though. I wouldnt mind someone's opinion on it though, just so i can make it better. but so far in 2 days i have finished a 1/4th of the work so im on a roll!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

project -train room day 1

A while back my friend Fish told me about a guy that was wanting a mural done to his basement. i thought that doing a mural would me pretty awesome since i haven't done one since i was in high school. I call up the guy and he's telling me that he wants a landscape for his basement train room. I don't know too many people with train rooms anymore but i thought it was pretty awesome. So a few weeks ago we get together and i'm checking out the space that he wants me to paint and lemme tell ya, its not quite like Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel on his back, but it does have a few complications. Im not a small guy, but i will have to jump up into the back where the wall is and try and not stomp this guy train tracks, it worries me. At first when i checked this assignment i wasn't really sure if i wanted to take it, but as Dave ( the guy who wants me do this project) was telling me why he wanted it done, so that he and his son could have a project that they could enjoy together, i couldn't help but take the job. What he wants is a landscape to encompass the blue area around the train set, so that the piece becomes more realistic. The walls as a whole are measured at 93 square feet if i remember correctly, so this is gonna be a beast of a project. So over the next couple weeks as i try and get this done, im going to be putting up photos of the progress. Not only for my benefit so i can look back on it, but i wanna share the process with everyone, and if their is anyone that has any comments or possible critiques, please tell me, im open to discussion. thanks and wish me luck!

this here is the start of the actual panting. above is the base coat to see where everything was at.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

birthday wishes

So this last weekend i was invited to go to my friend Kelly's birthday party. I haven't seen her or really heard from her since i graduated high school just because ya know people lose touch and branch out into the world. we hung out a lot back in high school and for a lot of my friends back then, I would try and draw something for them on their birthday's. I made a piece for her back my senior year, she used to be really big into playing with zippo's and just kinda playing with fire. so for that piece I drew her as this kinda Human Torch character, with her hands on fire. Since i haven't seen her for a long time i wasn't sure what to get her for her birthday. So I decided to do a little throwback to that piece and kinda update it because i have gotten so much better as an artist and I thought she would appreciate it. I pulled out a copy of the old picture (sorry i couldn't get a good copy, otherwise i would put it up) and just tried to remember somethings that she liked. She is a strong christian, so i wanted to put that in somewhere, she has a fiance, rick, who's a pretty cool guy, so i wanted to put him in somewhere and she's big into her music so i wanted to get that in there. so in about a day and a half of putting it together and kinda trying to figure out what to do, i got it done. What's really cool too is that i got to try this new tool called pentel brush pens which pretty much acts like a paint brush so it was fun to use.
My girlfriend and I showed up to the party on Saturday and had a pretty good time, I knew a few people, but rhiannon didn't know anyone, so i chilled with her most of the night. The funny thing was kelly was telling everyone that i was an artist and was talking about the piece that i did for her back in high school, she even brought out the piece, so it was pretty fun seeing a piece that i did back then. I don't have much of my original artwork, either because i gave it away or it was destroyed. But seeing how much she liked that piece made me feel good and I was excited to see her reaction to this piece. Fast forwarding, Rhiannon and I were getting ready to take off and we said our goodbyes and kelly comes over and said that she hadn't had a chance to open gifts yet, so we went to the presents. She grabbed it and opened it and was really excited about it. I love seeing the look in my friends eyes when i give them a piece that i made because its something original and special for them. One of these days I'll hopefully be able to say that i've made something for everybody i know, but i can only take it one person at a time. who knows, but i had fun at the birthday and Kelly if your reading, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tech Vs. Me Round....who knows..

so im sitting here trying to crop and fix a pic i scanned into the computer of a drawing for a friends birthday. everytime i try and make a move to spruce up the drawing, the screen tells me, " error: cannot make adjustments for and so reason." I think that honestly technology is out to get me. any kinds, all kinds, i get something techy i kid you not it breaks or has a malfunction within a week. all i want to do really is just scan in a pic so i can show ya'll but the problem with that too is that i dont have a decent and/ or larger scanner so i can scan pieces that might be 11" x 14" or a bit bigger. so right now i have to resort to using a crappy lil digital camera to try and get something and the camera keeps shutting off on me....i have a great respect for those who can master these monsters of machina, but i give in.....for now. But as what to what i was saying earlier, i do need a bigger scanner, something that can scan in nice large pieces, so if anyone knows anything about one, please let me know. And i hope to be able to put up this drawing for ya'll to see soon. its been a fun piece to do and once i get it up i'll tell ya more about it. till then...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My 1st solo art show!!

On February 23rd, at 10 am i paced back and forth in front of the UAF gallery, eagerly awaiting my fate in the hands of my professors. it all came to this, " do i pass and become the bearer of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree? or do i have another semester of attempting to graduate?" I was called back in and....I had passed! I was so relieved to know that all the stress from the previous year was behind me.
For those who don't know, I have been working for the last year on achieving my B.F.A. and having an art show is only my work. My show was consisted of works that were re-tellings of famous and some not so famous tall tales. Let me tell you, this show had consumed my life, every waking moment I was in the studio, working furiously to pump out my work. In the end my work paid off, with 12 paintings and 7 drawings displayed, i was finally going to show the fruits of my labor.
That night i had my opening, and it was amazing! i didn't leave the gallery the entire night, just because i had people constantly coming up to me and wanting to congratulate me. i was so grateful to see my friends and family, it really meant a lot that the people i care about most were there. the whole night lasted about 3 hours and by the time we closed the doors, I was wiped. I honestly couldn't have done any of it with out my beautiful girlfriend, so thank you for everything, even though i still say it all the time. after that night my show stayed up for about another 2 weeks, it was amazing. I'm kind of sad that I had to take it down, but i did get pictures. overall i sold 8 out of 12 paintings and 5 of the 7 drawings, so not bad for my first real time as an accomplished artist. With the show behind me, I'm looking to the future, i currently have 8 commissions set up so i will be a busy man, but that wont stop me from taking more. so please don't hesitate to contact me. Again to those who came to my show and also to those who supported me, thank you so much!