Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Beginning....

ha ha, so this is the first blog I've done in probably 3 years...its kinda crazy, i hate to write, but as i see more and more artists with blogs and websites and what not, i keep finding that i can't stay away. so this is the start of BIGFOOT Illustrations, my site for drawing, painting and well...what ever i think of...but isn't that the point of a blog?

so as i wrote in my "about me" section, I'm going to be having a thesis show in hopefully march or April for my B.F.A. degree. For those of you who don't know what that is, its the Bachelor of Fine Arts meaning I'm a determined artists in the department and what to be all cool and have my own show when im done with my thesis. Why i wanted to do this i have no freakin idea, but i did anyway, and now I'm stuck. don''t get me wrong I'm having a blast, but when i am trying to figure out what to do for each painting, it just gets confusing. take for instance the piece im doing now ( by the way my show is on folk tales; Paul Bunyan, johnny appleseed, the whole shebang) is on Mose, a firefighter in New York when firefighters were regular joes, people on the street who came and helped when the city needed them. Well i wanna do a 9/11 kinda piece I'm just having trouble putting it together. ill put a picture up next time, but hey at least i got something started.