Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hey...long time no talk...

so i made a blog and....i dont even use it... how messed up is that? i have been playing more on my deviant art site as of late and just dont know what to put here. i will have a new blog up after my finals though. but a recap of some of the things that have been goin down for me are: i got the presidents choice award at the presidents show! i got the student choice award at the student art show! i am gettin a cabin! ( yay no more couch sleeping!) and im goin to homer for christmas to hang out with my girlfriends family! *gasp wheez* so theirs a recap. i know i keep saying ill put art up and dont worry i will. later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

challenge beaten!

all right so this is the comic that i created for the 24 hour comic day, its basically about jeff, an old roommate of mine that i think was perfect to write a comic about. now i plan on redoing this, ya know cleaning it up and and maybe trying some photoshop on em. but please let me know what yall think

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

yay for sleep deprivation!

so this past saturday at noon to sunday at noon, myself and 19 other artists participated in the 24 hour comic challenge, basically meaning i stayed up for 24 hours and had to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. we went in with no script and no prepared work. And it stayed true to its name as it truly was a challenge. but out of 20 people only 8 people( including myself im proud to say) finished the challenge. so go us. im puttin a couple pictures up of the event and when i get my comic back ill place some of the pics up, but to those who competed around the world, i salute you, this was probably one of the best things ive done in my life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

skull scarabs!

so these are two pieces that i have done for a guy, he's gonna be puttin this stuff on his site soon enough, ill let everyone know about the link, but this is what I got so far,

the skull scarabs!

mighty barbarian slaying skull scarabs!! ( dont really have a title for it)

happy anniversary!

so today was Rhiannon's and mines 1 year anniversary! ha ha we had a blast today, she worked part of the day and i had to go paint, wait...thats not the blast part. rhiannon was sneaky enough to leave an awesome card in my jacket today and also left a copy of...IRON MAN!! haha, i was stoked, possibly one of the best movies made in a long time. anyway she left me things here and there through out the day, but i got her back after she got off work. i was hangin out in the living room and when she got home we talked for a bit and then i asked ker really nicely to get me a nice button up shirt from the drawer. she was kinda reluctant, but did it anyway, so when she went and opened the drawer, waiting for her was a copy of sex and the city( not as good as iron man, but hey, not my kind of movie) a deck of go fish cards with impressionists painters and their work on them, a bag of white chocolate raspberry truffles and 2 of these scent diffuser things that she really likes. she came back in to the room and gave me the shirt and acted like she didnt see them. we both started cracking up cause she wasnt expecting it. she also surprised me with a new memory card for my phone and a box of whoppers! (the best candy ever!) and then i drove her out to the turtle club, the best prime rib place in town and had a nice dinner and had an awesome time. their was this old eccentric lady their that was walking around asking people if they had a dog, she stopped by us and asked and then went on to this big table next to us and asked them if they had a dog. they replied yes and she said that she had a giant piece of steak that she couldnt eat and wanted to give it to their dog. they said sure and thanked her, where she proceeded to ask what their occasion was. a guy there had just turned 22 and they were celebrating, ya know just a big ol family having a good time. well she turns over to the kid and says " 22 ....bastard" jokingly of course, but it cracked the whole place up!! overall the night was awesome, we both had an awesome time and im looking forward to many more anniversaries, and rhiannon i know your gonna read this, so lemme say I love you baby and can't wait for next year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Beginning....

ha ha, so this is the first blog I've done in probably 3 years...its kinda crazy, i hate to write, but as i see more and more artists with blogs and websites and what not, i keep finding that i can't stay away. so this is the start of BIGFOOT Illustrations, my site for drawing, painting and well...what ever i think of...but isn't that the point of a blog?

so as i wrote in my "about me" section, I'm going to be having a thesis show in hopefully march or April for my B.F.A. degree. For those of you who don't know what that is, its the Bachelor of Fine Arts meaning I'm a determined artists in the department and what to be all cool and have my own show when im done with my thesis. Why i wanted to do this i have no freakin idea, but i did anyway, and now I'm stuck. don''t get me wrong I'm having a blast, but when i am trying to figure out what to do for each painting, it just gets confusing. take for instance the piece im doing now ( by the way my show is on folk tales; Paul Bunyan, johnny appleseed, the whole shebang) is on Mose, a firefighter in New York when firefighters were regular joes, people on the street who came and helped when the city needed them. Well i wanna do a 9/11 kinda piece I'm just having trouble putting it together. ill put a picture up next time, but hey at least i got something started.