Tuesday, October 7, 2008

happy anniversary!

so today was Rhiannon's and mines 1 year anniversary! ha ha we had a blast today, she worked part of the day and i had to go paint, wait...thats not the blast part. rhiannon was sneaky enough to leave an awesome card in my jacket today and also left a copy of...IRON MAN!! haha, i was stoked, possibly one of the best movies made in a long time. anyway she left me things here and there through out the day, but i got her back after she got off work. i was hangin out in the living room and when she got home we talked for a bit and then i asked ker really nicely to get me a nice button up shirt from the drawer. she was kinda reluctant, but did it anyway, so when she went and opened the drawer, waiting for her was a copy of sex and the city( not as good as iron man, but hey, not my kind of movie) a deck of go fish cards with impressionists painters and their work on them, a bag of white chocolate raspberry truffles and 2 of these scent diffuser things that she really likes. she came back in to the room and gave me the shirt and acted like she didnt see them. we both started cracking up cause she wasnt expecting it. she also surprised me with a new memory card for my phone and a box of whoppers! (the best candy ever!) and then i drove her out to the turtle club, the best prime rib place in town and had a nice dinner and had an awesome time. their was this old eccentric lady their that was walking around asking people if they had a dog, she stopped by us and asked and then went on to this big table next to us and asked them if they had a dog. they replied yes and she said that she had a giant piece of steak that she couldnt eat and wanted to give it to their dog. they said sure and thanked her, where she proceeded to ask what their occasion was. a guy there had just turned 22 and they were celebrating, ya know just a big ol family having a good time. well she turns over to the kid and says " 22 ....bastard" jokingly of course, but it cracked the whole place up!! overall the night was awesome, we both had an awesome time and im looking forward to many more anniversaries, and rhiannon i know your gonna read this, so lemme say I love you baby and can't wait for next year.

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