Sunday, May 3, 2009

voodoo puppet

This is just a new piece I did just before the Student Art show. I orginally started off with the arm on the left and thought to leave it at that. but you always know once you start you just wanna keep going, so i did a 2nd arm. The piece didnt look right though so i decided to add the body. Once i added that however i thought it would be awesome to hinge it all together and see how that looked. The judge for the Student Art show liked my piece and thought it would be great idea to hinge it as well. I almost didn't get to put into the show i was out buying the hinges to put on the piece and didnt make it back in time to enter it in the show. But thanks to my friends jess and amanda, they entered it for me and it made it in! so finally its all together and in the show and I almost won the student choice award again this semester but lost to a pretty sweet sculpture so it wasnt a bad loss. The bad part is the piece doesnt have a name, so if anyone has any suggestions im more than happy to hear them out.

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