Sunday, January 17, 2010

Test Run!

So for Christmas I received one of the best gifts I've ever gotten, a intuos wacom Tablet! I've never used one before, so using this technology is very foreign to me (especially since i am amazingly computer illiterate). I've been practicing quite a bit with it, especially since i want to use it to create my children's books with it. So to start off with my first official piece on it, I chose to do a art trade that I kinda started back in February with my friend Anna. She had sent out a mass e-mail to all of her art friends saying that she would do an art trade with her friends, she would do a pic of the artist and they would do a drawing of her. so finally i got around to doing it and so without further or due....

TA DA!!!
I hope ya'll like it, their will be more along the way!


'Lil Ric said...

The Wacom tablet is a fantastic tool. Using system preferences to set up the keys on it to Photoshop hotkeys (save, new layer, etc) will speed you up pretty dramatically.

Pretty soon you'll goof on a pencil drawing and think, "apple+Z!" and feel very silly.

Anna said...