Tuesday, March 31, 2009

birthday wishes

So this last weekend i was invited to go to my friend Kelly's birthday party. I haven't seen her or really heard from her since i graduated high school just because ya know people lose touch and branch out into the world. we hung out a lot back in high school and for a lot of my friends back then, I would try and draw something for them on their birthday's. I made a piece for her back my senior year, she used to be really big into playing with zippo's and just kinda playing with fire. so for that piece I drew her as this kinda Human Torch character, with her hands on fire. Since i haven't seen her for a long time i wasn't sure what to get her for her birthday. So I decided to do a little throwback to that piece and kinda update it because i have gotten so much better as an artist and I thought she would appreciate it. I pulled out a copy of the old picture (sorry i couldn't get a good copy, otherwise i would put it up) and just tried to remember somethings that she liked. She is a strong christian, so i wanted to put that in somewhere, she has a fiance, rick, who's a pretty cool guy, so i wanted to put him in somewhere and she's big into her music so i wanted to get that in there. so in about a day and a half of putting it together and kinda trying to figure out what to do, i got it done. What's really cool too is that i got to try this new tool called pentel brush pens which pretty much acts like a paint brush so it was fun to use.
My girlfriend and I showed up to the party on Saturday and had a pretty good time, I knew a few people, but rhiannon didn't know anyone, so i chilled with her most of the night. The funny thing was kelly was telling everyone that i was an artist and was talking about the piece that i did for her back in high school, she even brought out the piece, so it was pretty fun seeing a piece that i did back then. I don't have much of my original artwork, either because i gave it away or it was destroyed. But seeing how much she liked that piece made me feel good and I was excited to see her reaction to this piece. Fast forwarding, Rhiannon and I were getting ready to take off and we said our goodbyes and kelly comes over and said that she hadn't had a chance to open gifts yet, so we went to the presents. She grabbed it and opened it and was really excited about it. I love seeing the look in my friends eyes when i give them a piece that i made because its something original and special for them. One of these days I'll hopefully be able to say that i've made something for everybody i know, but i can only take it one person at a time. who knows, but i had fun at the birthday and Kelly if your reading, again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Robs said...

Have you ever tried Pigma's brush pens (same folks who make Microns)? I don't know how much they might differ, but I really enjoy Pigma's pens...when I'm in practice and willing to put in the patience, I do entire pieces with just a brush pen, everything from fine to thick lines, spot blacks...I love brush pens. :)