Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tech Vs. Me Round....who knows..

so im sitting here trying to crop and fix a pic i scanned into the computer of a drawing for a friends birthday. everytime i try and make a move to spruce up the drawing, the screen tells me, " error: cannot make adjustments for and so reason." I think that honestly technology is out to get me. any kinds, all kinds, i get something techy i kid you not it breaks or has a malfunction within a week. all i want to do really is just scan in a pic so i can show ya'll but the problem with that too is that i dont have a decent and/ or larger scanner so i can scan pieces that might be 11" x 14" or a bit bigger. so right now i have to resort to using a crappy lil digital camera to try and get something and the camera keeps shutting off on me....i have a great respect for those who can master these monsters of machina, but i give in.....for now. But as what to what i was saying earlier, i do need a bigger scanner, something that can scan in nice large pieces, so if anyone knows anything about one, please let me know. And i hope to be able to put up this drawing for ya'll to see soon. its been a fun piece to do and once i get it up i'll tell ya more about it. till then...

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