Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aint he cute?

So one night last week I was creative mood, but wasn't sure what i wanted to make. I was thinking about all that i could do and just glancing around my cabin when i saw one of my Ghostrider Graphic Novels. Now i'm not the biggest Ghostrider fan in the world, but I do like the story and then it got me thinking. What would it be like if Ghostrider was a kid? just kinda goofin around for a couple hours I drew up and inked the comic you see before you. I plan on going over it with water color here soon but for now here is the almost finished product!


AKBanse said...

That is pretty sweet. How long did it take you to draw and ink that once the idea popped into your head?

Lefty said...

about 2 hours, I had to work a few kinks gettin the idea from thought to paper, but It worked out pretty well. I did a few touch up's in photoshop the next day and it's turned out pretty good so far.