Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just foolin around..

This is a piece that i was working on for my girlfriend. When i had my show about folktales back in february, I did a piece with the character Molly Pitcher. For those of you who dont know who that is, Molly was a revolutionary war "pitcher maid" where she would carry water out onto the battlefield to the soldiers. During the Battle of Monmouth, her husband was a gunner, working the large cannons at the front of the field. Her husband became wounded, leaving his cannon a man down to fight. Luckily Molly stepped in and helped her fellow patriots and their by became known as "Sergeant Molly."

Anyway, my girlfriend saw the painting i had done and said that it would be awesome to see her as a pin-up. Apparently to her and a great deal of other people who saw this piece said that it was very phallic, but oh well. So after many months of working on other projects and getting commissions done, i finally got around to putting it together. I have both the pencils and the final Inked version, and lemme tell you it was a funny piece to put together.

The title for this wonderful piece as she put it is " Load My Cannon.."

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